PowerSeller Data Manager Reports

Below is a sample list of standard reports included in Data Manager.


System Administration
File Export Formats
Details of file export formats.

File Import Formats
Details of file import formats. Does not show sample data from center column of maintenance screen.

Lists details of macros. Organized by macro type (Pools, DDE, etc.)

Macro Group Assignments
Lists macro groups, and all macros assigned to them.

Macro Group Cross Reference
Shows which macro groups each macro is assigned to.

User Access

Groups & Authorized Users
Application security control groups, with users assigned to each. Does not include menu assignments.

Activities & Groups
Application security control groups with activities assigned to each, with corresponding menu items.

User Groups & Activities
Application security list of users, their membership in control groups. Details the access level for each user, including read or read/write level.

Activities & Menu Assignments
Application security for menu items, their assignments to activities. Details windows assigned to each menu item.

Activities & Groups
Application security control groups, with activities assigned to them, and menu items corresponding to those activities. Organized by control group.

Company Info
Company Contacts
Company address, individual contacts within company, with address/phone information, etc.