Hosted PowerSeller

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Benefits of Hosted PowerSeller
With hosting, PowerSeller’s full range of robust functionality is available over the Internet. There’s no in-house computing infrastructure, maintenance chores or IT staff required, just a PC with Internet access. We do the rest. So now you can take advantage of the IT economies of scale enjoyed by the biggest lenders. Uptime is virtually 24/7. Backups and redundancy are automatic. Security is tight. You can relax and focus on your secondary marketing and risk management efforts.

Low Cost
Because PowerSeller Solutions already hosts applications for other lenders, we can host your PowerSeller system very cost-effectively in a state-of-the-art data center, which in turn provides for nightly backups, redundancy and security. We also provide all third-party software required by PowerSeller (e.g. the SQL Server DBMS) and its hosted environment (AVS software, remote access software, etc.). You pay nothing more than a reasonable monthly fee to PowerSeller Solutions.


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