Making Hedging Easy

Risk Policy Development, Enhancement & Adherance:

• Establish a Risk Policy when one doesn't exist. Puts you on the right track to a solid hedging operation.

• Expertise to evaluate, enhance your existing Risk Policy, and development of practices to stay dedicated to it.

• Instill confidence that your Risk Policy satisfies the scrutiny of audit encounters.

• PowerSeller consults with the key risk executives secondary marketing and accounting to identify nuances specific to your operation.

• A Risk Policy contains the following elements: introduction/overview, scope statement, objectives and limits specification, chain of command and escalation tree. Also included are policy language in regards to routine processes, activities, separation of duties, documentation, authorized instruments, modeling, monitoring, communications and factor adjustments.

• Your Risk Policy can be crafted in as little as 30 days, putting your operation on a solid, comprehensive, and transparent path to success.


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Risk Monitoring:

• PowerSeller hedging team members reviews the mortgage pipeline position each business day with the client’s secondary marketing executive authorized to manage the trading activity.

• PowerSeller provides feedback to the executive on the day’s contemplated trading activity, in light of the risk management parameters provided within their Secondary Marketing Risk Management Policy.

• Also, PowerSeller confirms that the executive and the staff are following daily processes to insure that information quality, separation of duty, appropriate actions and transmission of information is occurring and/or timely resolution of any issues is being addressed.


Risk Mentoring Program:

• Provides the right mix of expertise and experience.
• Proven processes combined with the essential tools to educate and as well as execute best risk practices.
• A stair‐step approach that builds up the skill level that best suits the individual/organization.
• Varying course tracks for the different roles, levels of knowledge, and experience within your organization.
• Empowers secondary managers to effectively conduct mortgage pipeline risk management activities and to clearly plan, communicate, execute and coordinate these in concert with pricing, best execution selection and mortgage pool delivery activities.


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