Hosted PowerSeller

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What is Hosted PowerSeller?
PowerSeller® is the most cost-effective and flexible secondary marketing and risk management system available today. Traditionally, PowerSeller is installed at each lender’s premises and managed by the lender’s own in-house Information Technology department. This may not be a very effective use of scarce IT resources. PowerSeller is an important application, however it is typically used by just a few people within any banking environment. Hence the IT cost per user can be fairly high.

That’s why many lenders should consider Hosted PowerSeller, an important breakthrough in PowerSeller deployment. Now, the full functionality of PowerSeller can be managed and administered by our IT experts and made available to your staff via the Internet. Hosted PowerSeller requires nothing more on your end than a PC and an Internet connection. You do not need your own server, database software and the like. PowerSeller Solutions provides all the hardware and software you need and manages it on your behalf. Plus, Hosted PowerSeller is fast and fully-secure.

How Does Hosted PowerSeller Work?
Historically, client-server applications like PowerSeller are installed and managed on a lender’s Local Area Network (LAN), often alongside other applications running on the same LAN. But now, thanks to improvements and dramatic price reductions in virtualization technology, client-server applications no longer need to be installed and deployed in-house. In fact, Hosted PowerSeller is essentially the client-server PowerSeller system, but residing within an Application Virtualization Server (AVS) that provides access to PowerSeller’s superior functionality from your PC. The appearance and performance of Hosted PowerSeller is virtually identical to what you would expect if PowerSeller were running right on your local LAN.

PowerSeller Solutions will manage and administer your Hosted PowerSeller computing environment for you. We provide the application server (housing the PowerSeller programs and your customizations), database server (containing loan records) and the AVS and its associated Web portal (which allows for full-function Internet access). Users simply click on a specific link, log in and start working. All data and transactions are secure.


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