PowerSeller Secondary Marketing & Risk Management System

PowerSeller, our full-featured Secondary Marketing & Risk Management System, features everything from hedge decision support to loan pooling to risk management research. It improves your capacity utilization and volume metrics to achieve better execution when selling best efforts and mandatories. From shock analysis to post-closing activities, PowerSeller provides you with all the tools you will need to create efficient information management processes and raise your secondary market performance.


PowerSeller helps reduce the cost of ownership in many ways. One is a Subscription Payment Plan which significantly lowers upfront costs and spreads payments out over time.

Secondly, with Hosted PowerSeller, the full functionality of PowerSeller can be managed and administered by our IT experts and made available to you via the Internet, all you need is a PC and an Internet connection. Hosted PowerSeller is fast and fully-secure, and ASC provides all the hardware and software you need and manages it on your behalf.

Additionally, our Premium Support Option offers you professional consultative services provided by our experienced business staff. It’s like having another in-house secondary marketing professional at a fraction of the cost. Use us when you need us.

We recognize that each institution has different secondary marketing needs based on its size and level of administrative support, analyst support, staff expertise and markets in which it trades. We have harnessed nearly three decades of experience as a technology solutions provider and trusted advisor to offer a range of flexible solutions to meet your secondary marketing needs. PowerSeller empowers you to assess your individual situation and access the specific tools you need to maximize profits and minimize risk.