Mission Statement

Our vision is of lenders successfully providing affordable mortgage financing. Our mission is to make hedging easy. Our culture is one of professional commitment to this mission and one of mutual respect.

We strive to enjoy our journey together, while challenging each other to find the next solution which will advance our mission. We respect and support each other, knowing we can produce in concert that which is beyond the grasp of what we can achieve individually. We agree that active communication is vital and realize that to be understood we must first understand.

Our unique contribution to mortgage finance involves the design, development, testing, deployment and support of software. Our unique impact is amplified by our ability to combine our individual and collective expertise and experience, along with our incredible software, to evolve our clients’ business capabilities.

We respect the effort, talent, creativity, teamwork and focus required to produce software-based solutions. We strive to provide clear guidance toward the design objective. We embrace standards that make the creation and testing of the solution routine and efficient. We approach the work with a plan to fulfill our mission.

Our value is realized via the intertwined nature of our software product and our innovative proactive service. We applaud innovation and prize execution. We are known by the standard of excellence we provide and we are known as a desirable organization with which to be associated, whether one is a client, a business partner or a colleague.